Honestly: building guitars like in the 1920s? Today we can do that better, more precisely and with more experience. The look from the time, however, is unmistakable. In the first two thirds, models were visually very complex and luxurious. In the last third, however, due to the economic crisis, very simple. With “20s reloaded” we live exactly this spirit and combine it with our promise to build guitars of the next generation. We bring traditional body shapes and the typical look of the 1920s to the present day. We combine the traditional with the modern and put that in a new guitar and ukulele series.

20s reloaded!

Guitars and ukuleles from a single source

The idea is quiet simple: Both the guitars and the ukuleles have an entry-level series and a higher-priced series.

The X11LS models provide an excellent introduction to this. Here we offer a wide range of folk, OM, parlor and slope shoulder guitars. The look ranges from a natural finish to eccentric combinations such as “screwed crimson”.


The high-end X34, X54, X81 and X85 models go a step further. Here you can dive deep into the world of the golden 20s and still keep your finger on the pulse. The very handy OM and Parlor models embody the unique look of the 1920s.

Unique ukulele headstock-designs

The ukuleles of our 20s reloaded series are characterized by unique looks and subtle designs. The most striking are the typical headstock designs in the look of the 1920s, which visually combine all models.



Our 20s reloaded series offers a wide range of different ukuleles – from the classic concert ukulele in various looks to the bass ukulele with our BR1 pickup.